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Basic Brown Rice

This basic traditional rice recipe discards the soaking water and can be used for any whole grain rice or rice blend. For other traditional brown rice variations, see Basic Brown Rice II and Basic Brown Rice III.

Prep time:

5 minutes hands on time

Soak time:

Overnight (8-12 hours)

Cook time:

Time to boil + 45 minutes (hands off simmering time)




Step 1. Rinse

Place the rice into the bowl. Sort through the rice, removing any foreign debris. Add enough water to cover the grain by about 1 inch. Agitate the rice with your hand for about 30 seconds. Drain. Add more water and repeat until the water runs clear, usually twice.

Step 2. Soak

To the rinsed and drained rice, add the 4 cups of filtered water. Soak in a warm place overnight (8-12 hours).  

Step 3. Cook

To cook, drain rice and dicard the soaking water. Place the rice and 4 cups of filtered water into the cooking pot.

Bring to a boil uncovered.

Skim off any foam that rises to the top.

Add the salt.

Turn to a very low heat setting, cover tightly and simmer for about 45 minutes without stirring. If water remains, cook until all water is absorbed.