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Matt's Wonder-ful Bread Machine Bread

Reminiscent of the Wonder Bread I always craved as a child, this bread is light, fluffy and holds together to make decadent sandwiches. It is divine freshly-baked and slathered with butter and stays moist enough make sandwiches or dip in olive oil and vinegar several days after baking.

Prep time:

5 minutes

Cook time:

3 1/2 hours (or however long your bread machine takes)




Step 1. Add the Ingredients
Place the water, butter, sugar and salt into the bread machine.
Step 2. Keep the Yeast Dry
Use the flour to cover the liquid. Then make a little well and place the yeast into it to keep it dry, especially if you aren't starting the bread immediately. 
Step 3. Bake
Set your bread machine to the desired settings. We use the Large Loaf, Medium Crust settings on our machine and timer it so it comes out 1/2 hours before our meal so it has time to cool before slicing with a serrated bread knife.
Only cut as much bread as needed. Cool the remaining loaf wrapped in a clean tea towel. Leave wrapped in the towel in a large glass container with a lid to prevent over-drying or becoming soggy.