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Easy Overnight Oats

Prepared breakfast foods are generally some of the most processed. The extrusion processes used to make cereal into light, crispy flakes and puffs employs high temperatures and pressure making
them all but impossible to digest (this includes cereal brands like Kasha). Even “healthier”granola made from rolled oats does not allow for the pre-digestion of the oats before consumption. The sugar content of most cereal and breakfast bars is very high. Starting the day with these types of nutritionally empty, sugary foods sets the stage to bounce between hyper- and hypoglycemia all day long.
Predigesting grains before consumption through traditional practices like soaking, sprouting or fermenting is important for proper digestion and absorption of the carbohydrates they contain.
Overnight oatmeal is a quick way to eat a hot breakfast on busy mornings. Cooking the oats the night before not only saves time, but also resting overnight increases their digestibility.
A solid breakfast sets up the whole day for better blood sugar handling and can prevent mid-morning and afternoon crashes. It can curb food cravings and normalize mood swings, reduce
(h)angry outbursts and mitigate anxiety. 

Prep time:

2 minutes

Soak time:


Cook time:

5 minutes


*1-2 tablespoons of whey, kefir or fresh lemon juice can also be used.




Step 1. Soak the Oats 
The night before, place 1 cup of rolled oats into a glass or ceramic bowl (or glass stovetop safe pan if you have one).
Stir in 1 cup of filtered water plus 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Cover and let stand overnight
Step 2. Cook the Oats
In the morning, place the soaked oats into a saucepan and add 1 cup of water plus a 1/4 teaspoon quality salt. Cook until soft.
Step 3. Serve
I often eat my basic overnight oats with steamed butternut squash cubes, chickpeas, ghee and gomashio.
Mix in ideas for Overnight Oats: 

Butter (or ghee) and salt

Cubed, steamed squash.


Steamed or sautéed greens.

Gomashio and cinnamon and avocado cubes.

Sautéed zucchini or other veggies.

Over easy egg with sage leaves crisped in butter.

Chickpeas, black beans or other beans/lentils.

Boiled or scrambled egg.

Pumpkin or squash puree and cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

*Best for basic oats, not miso oats.
Make More to Store
I make 1-2 cups of oats at the start of the week and then reheat a portion daily, changing what I mix in every day.  
Conversely, you can make a single portion fresh daily if you prefer.