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Perfect Popcorn


Popcorn is, in my opinion, the easiest snack to make when you are craving something crispy and salty. It takes only three simple ingredients, and, when cooked properly, tastes like mana from heaven.

We grind our salt in a mortar and pestle to make it extra fine rather than buying fine ground popcorn salt. This helps it optimally coat each fluffy kernel for delicious, salty perfection.

Prep time:

2 minutes

Cook time:

8 minutes



Large bowl

Medium saucepan with tight fitting lid


0. Prep your bowl 

Before starting, make sure you have a large bowl ready to receive the popped corn. Once you pop, the fun really don't stop, and when things start to get hectic with all the stirring and emptying, you'll thank yourself for having your bowl prepped and ready.

1. Heat the oil
In a medium sized sauce pan with a tight fitting lid, melt the oil over medium heat.

2. Add the popcorn kernels
Just before the oil begins to smoke, add the popcorn kernels to the sauce pan. Cover the pan with the lid.

3. Stir the popcorn
At frequent intervals (at least once every 20-30 seconds), hold the lid on the pan with one hand. With the other hand, grasp the pan's handle and vigorously shake the pan back and forth to the stir the popcorn. Try to keep the pan on a level plane when shaking. Avoid up and down motions.

From now until the popcorn is completely finished, continue stirring at 20-30 second intervals.

4. Transfer the overflow
Unless the pan is large enough to hold all the fully cooked popcorn, it will be necessary to empty the pan when it gets full. 

When the pan gets full and the lid begins to rise, hold the pan over the bowl.  Remove the lid with your free hand, and gently shake the top layer of the popped corn into the bowl, making sure to remove at least enough for the lid to fit again. Replace lid and return the pan to the heat. Repeat as necessary.

Note: It is important to perform this step as quickly as possible. The longer the pan is away from the flame, the harder it will be to pop the remaining kernels without burning the popped corn.

5. Finish the popcorn
Once the popping slows to less than 1 pop every 2-3 seconds, empty the remaining contents of the pan into the bowl.

6. Salt the popcorn
Sprinkle the extra fine salt over the popcorn while shaking the bowl to evenly coat all pieces.

Enjoy immediately. It's best when it's warm.